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The Third Task
Flesh, Blood and Bone
The Death Eaters
Priori Incantatem
  • The third task. Do you think it was set up with enough precautions/preventive measures? Do you think they could have gotten rid of some of the creatures, or added more? Anything you found odd about the task in general?
  • What do you think of Rita Skeeter’s methods of obtaining information? Do you think the wizarding community, with its knowledge of all of its invasive sort of magic, should have predicted a case like Rita’s would occur? 
  • Though talented enough to enter the Triwizard Tournament, JKR never shows Fleur as doing well in any of the three tasks. In the final one, she’s the first one out. What do you of Fleur’s treatment in each task?
  • And, a popular fandom question: why do you think Voldemort went through all those hoops just to get to Harry? Do you think such an elaborate plot was necessary, or was Voldemort just being showy?
  • We know that once Voldemort comes back he is described as being more snake-like than ever. Do you think this is a result from the potion Peter made to restore him, or do you think he already looked that during the First Wizarding War?
  • And then, of course, Priori Incantatem. How do you suppose this spell works? Where do these ‘echoes’ come from? 
NO OT, PLEASE! Have fun!

Yikes, I'm really sorry this is so late. I wanted it to be up much sooner but didn't have the chance to post it until now.
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